Easily dock your phone and off you go: gambling, watching movies or charging your smartphone.

Easily undock and your phone is charged and ready for the day… but wait: is it actually that easy to undock your phone? Ordinary micro USB cables use barbed hooks to securely dock to the smartphone. Since you do not need this feature with a docking station we take care that you can easily undock your phone with our improved micro USB cable.

Watch the video to see the small difference:

One of the first reactions to AnDock was the idea of offering a simple charging station in horizontal format.

“Well, I am mostly interested in a version with which the Nexus is charged solely. But I like it when it’s in horizontal format.”

This was roughly the inquiry of the user “mws” on android-hilfe.de.

Since we really liked this idea, we worked on the realization of a new station independently from the outcome of the crowdfunding campaign. We are now able to present to you the results of this work:

Advantages of AnDock mini:
- You are now able to charge your smartphone in horizontal format
- The station is specifically weighted, NFC capable and appears in many different colors
- A high-quality USB extension cable is included
- The revised Micro-USB connector allows easy docking

If you are interested in the perfect charging station for your smartphone without the technical extras of the original AnDock, AnDock mini is now available on our Etsy store. Please note that AnDock mini currently has a delivery time of about 4 weeks. 
Good news: we can finally announce that AnDock is now officially registered with the foundation which is responsible for the disposal of electronic devices (WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 47108943). This means that we are now able to ship all stations which had been ready for shipping for weeks. Within the next few days you will finally get your AnDock.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support. The last months have shown how difficult it is for small businesses to develop and sell electronic devices. It would not have been possible to realise this project without the crowdfunding campaign. So, thanks for that! Oh, and we can ensure you that even if some think of high prices we haven’t made any profit from AnDock yet.

We hope that we can use the crowdfunding campaign as a basis to develop even more docking stations in the future. This project is just about to begin.

To everyone who will receive an AnDock soon: we hope that we can meet your expectations. If you experience any problems please do not hesitate to contact us.
Bad news first: the "EAR-Stiftung" which is responsible for the disposal of electronic devices still hasn’t processed my registration. This means the docking stations – although ready to be sent – stay with me until I obtain the approval. Following an inquiry they told me that the process time for registration can be up to 3 months. 

However there is also positive news. Phillipp Ohlandt received his AnDock prototype which is provided with his name on, in orange color and with red LED. Here I was able to test the engraving and a different color than black. Phillipp then tested the station which you can read here (only available in German). Additionally he developed a small fun app which is even available at Play Store. It works with every charging cable:

Last but not least Manas Kadyrbaev asked me to point out a poll about crowdfunding (only available in German).